• Model: 98-000
$40.00 CAD

The foundation of the system is the unique COMBINATOR squeegee handle. The hole in the middle of the squeegee handle is designed to accommodate the T-bar components. The T-bar components can be purchased separately which can reduce your investment in tools as one squeegee handle can be fitted with a variety of T-Bar/Sleeve sizes. But you can also use the COMBINATOR handle as you daily squeegee handle by simply inserting the soft rubber ring (included) into the handle and attaching your LIQUIDATOR channel.

To convert to a combination tool, simply insert the unique T-Bar (10”, 14”, 18”) and turn the lock button a couple of clicks and now you have the most functional combination tool on the market. You can use COMBINATOR in our unique One-Pass configuration for maximum performance and time saving or in the traditional Wash-Flip-Squeegee configuration. Use COMBINATOR as a handheld tool or on your extension handle, either way you will see amazing results.

The unique design of the washing sleeve makes it much lighter than other combi tools. Most combination tools use a standard washing sleeve. But only half of the sleeve is usable, so the additional sleeve material is holding extra solution and needless weight. The shape of the COMBINATOR premium microfiber sleeve allows the LIQUIDATOR to get to the edges of the glass for perfect, detail-free drying and reduces the overall weight of the tool while delivering the perfect amount of cleaning solution and scrubbing power.

COMBINATOR safely locks onto extension handles and is easily stored in a side bucket.