• Model: 31-231
  • Manufactured by: TUCKER POLE SYSTEMS
$2,450.00 CAD

Tucker Gutter Cleaning Vacuum
The Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum V2.0 is new and improved for 2020.

This new Gutter-Pro Vac from Tucker® is a versatile and powerful gutter cleaning unit. It is powered by three separately switched 800-watt motors. Each of the motors has sealed bearings and are thermally protected from overheating during long jobs. The vacuum tank has large wheels for moving the unit across a variety of terrains. The metal tank tips over and can also be removed from the cart for ease of dumping and cleaning. The tank is 20 gallon and is made from a rugged metal. It includes a 2" x 25' hose with a tangiential inlet that prevents clogging from large debris.

This system includes:

Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum System
25 Foot Flexible Vacuum Hose

Tank Size: 20 Gallons
Weight: 60 pounds

The unit is powered by three separately switched 800-watt motors.

It has 19 amps, so newer homes/commercial that have 20amp won’t have any issues.

On older homes that don’t have 20amp, you might only use 2 motors to avoid tripping breakers.
(Ships from Vancouver)