• Model: 8-080
  • Manufactured by: WINSOL
$137.00 CAD
Size :

Awning Armor is a sealant that will increase the life of vinyl awnings by maximizing protection against the sun & birds, etc.
It will also make future cleanings easier.

AWNING ARMOR has the emollients, plasticizers and UV blockers needed to give long lasting life and beauty to your awning and vinyl fabric investments, and to restore the original beauty and luster to vinyl awnings and fabrics. Routine maintenance with WINSOL Awning Care products including AWNING ARMOR will  meet or exceed warranty requirements.
AWNING ARMOR actually penetrates the vinyl to displace embedded soils, replace critical plasticizers. Repeated use will increase luster and shine to like new.  AWNING ARMOR will help seal the vinyl so air and rain-borne soils cannot bond to the surface. Naturally, subsequent cleaning will be much easier and far faster.
AWNING ARMOR is a safe and powerful blend of plasticizers, penetrants, UV blockers and sealers scientifically formulated to give vinyl technicians the ability to restore and enhance the original colors to most all awnings, vinyl furniture including restaurant booths, tents, boat tops, soft sided trucks and much more. Try some today, you will be amazed with  the improvement in your customer’s vinyl signs, furniture and awnings.