• Model: 34-863
  • Manufactured by: IPC EAGLE
$3,175.00 CAD

Is a lighter, more compact version of our IPC Eagle HydroCart. It is designed for commercial pure water cleaning applications where it is not typically used daily. Perfect for 1-5 floor buildings such as schools, apartments, hotels, hospitals, clinics, other facilities. A great entry level system.

• Lightweight with portable RO/ DI cart
• Easily transported in and out of vehicles
• Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and up and down
• Operates standing up or lying down
• Handheld TDS meter
• Produces pure water at less than $.03 per gallon
• Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump, up to 5
stories with a boost pump module
• Can easily work on tap pressure only
• Easily change filters in seconds