• Model: 8-062
  • Manufactured by: CCS
$34.05 CAD

Restoro Metal Polish

Cleans and polishes stainless steel, such as appliances, BBQ grills and glass, such as mirrors and windows. 
It is 100% natural mineral powder which is environmenatlly safe.

Simply saturate a terry cloth towel with warm or cold water.  Squeeze out excess water (without wringing), leaving the cloth sufficiently damp.  Fold the cloth into quarter-folds, keeping it flat.  Sprinkle a small amont of Restoro on the cloth, about the size of a Silver Dollar, rubbing Restoro into the cloth, making it into a paste.  Rub with pressure onto metal (in the direction of the grain) or onto your glass and mirrored surfaces.

You'll be amazed at how stainless steel surfaces polish and clean in one step, without any oily residue.