SCREEN MAGIC (1/2 gallon concentrate)

  • Model: 8-117
  • Manufactured by: CCS
$168.00 CAD


The special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents don’t just cover the dust, it destroys it. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the screens look like new and the dust repellents help to keep them looking that way. 

Screen Magic works on all types of screens: bug screens, sliding screen doors, and solar window screens of all different colors. There is no need to drag out soaps and brushes. Instead of spending your time scrubbing screens, use Screen Magic. No need to rinse off the screens with water. Just remove the screen, spray it with Screen Magic and replace it. The screens will look like new.  1/2 gallon concentration dilutes to make 5 gallon container.